David Valdes Law firm has worked hard to build a track record of smart, honest, responsive and responsible legal representation. Our lawyers have earned the respect of the courts, regulatory authorities, judges and other Miami attorneys.
More important, we have also earned the respect of our clients. Most of them found out about us through friends, family, co-workers and other Miami lawyers or have retained our attorneys in other legal matters.
Our lawyers sit on Miami Supreme Court, Miami State Bar, county and local bar associations’ standing committees, as well as professional and community organization boards. But the law firm evaluates our attorneys by the quality of their legal advice and the results the lawyers get for clients.
However we consider ourselves to be a mid-sized law firm: Big enough to invest large sums of legal and financial resources into major cases, yet small enough to treat each case with personal consideration and each client with utmost respect.
David Valdes Law Firm has stood for union rights, patient rights environmental rights, civil rights, entrepreneur, spousal rights, small business and consumer rights by winning, trial verdicts, significant claim settlements and landmark judicial decisions in both civil and criminal courts.
Our lawyers are ever ready to fight for our clients. We get our clients the best possible results through negotiation, litigation or meditation.
From the initial contact with our firm, through to the very end of each case, David Valdes Law Firm provides individual attention to each client and every matter through the entire litigation process. Many of our Firm’s clients have suffered life altering injuries. David Valdes Law Firm understands the physical, financial and emotional devastation a significant injury can cause. This is the reason we pursue each case with passion and intensity.
Going to court is hardball. If you want positive results, then be well represented.

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